Welcome to a World of Darkness

Well. It could have gone, a lot, LOT, worse. Then again, he never thought it was something they couldn’t handle. Glasgow has always had a certain resilience about it and so it never entered his mind that this might be the one thing it couldn’t deal with. Besides he knew who lived there and he knew they were more than capable of looking after themselves. Still, it didn’t stop him from keeping an eye on things. Sentimentality; it hit you at the oddest moments. There would be commendations and prizes for this one. Perhaps even some much deserved respect that Glasgow was long overdue. After all it wasn’t any other domain that had taken down this threat that had terrorised many others, it was Glasgow. Certainly their stock would rise, as he wished it too, a respected Domain is a useful for one and there can only be the highest respect for the domain that takes out a threat all on its lonesome...’his lonesome’ really, he thought, as he looked at the ice sculpture that was a member of the Black Hand. He smiled. Better late than never he supposed, it seemed with the arrival of the shovelheads the residents of Glasgow deserved something of a break. They’d done what they set out to do, and they’d be applauded for it, it was time for daddy to come in an clean up.