Game Night Clean Up of the Peoples Palace Elysium.

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Announcements from the leadership of the domain

Hello all,


A bit of clarification for you surrounding some points of game night’s end.  It is understood Jemima, with others, have permission from the Elysium Keeper to remove the artwork for safety directly making way with it to GOMA where it is catalogued and secured.


Those other Kindred that left the premises did so in a secure fashion and made it away without incident.


Those that are assisting in moving artworks and those remaining to assist clean up the site, all they need do is bring attention to the fact in the notes section of your orders submission.   As such this action of making sure the immediate Elysium area / masquerade / artworks etc will not require an order point to complete [as instructed from ST Kevin.]   Now if your character just left the building with no intention of getting involved with anything that is also perfectly fine and need say nothing in orders.


Note:  Seneschal Burton left Keeper Graham and Sheriff Douglas in charge of securing the Elysium and as such are going to ’triage’ offers of assistance.  This will be handled by the ST’s on our behalf deciding more directly what is required and what is not.  This is to make things simpler OC and efficient as possible IC as such the ST’s will decide who / what the Keeper and Sheriff deems are required and when all the orders are in ST’s have said they will give a write up of events to reflect this.


On an IC note everyone will be thanked and if their kind offer and if it is not used this time, purely as it is not required at this time not that it is unappreciated, the offer will remembered for any future plots.


Note: Anything that requires dealt with which is not at the immediate location / game night these will require order points over the months following normal orders submission rules.

Author: Sir Charles Douglas

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