Maintaining the Masquerade 101


 Official Announcements / Posted 3 weeks ago by Leo Clarke / Claire Voyant

Announcements from the leadership of the domain

As some of you may be aware, while Grey has returned, she has been temporarily relieved of her duties as Keeper of the Masquerade. Until such time that she is reinstated, my sister and myself shall be acting Keepers of the Masquerade, by order of Prince Esteban.

With the influx of freshly born Kindred and the raise to “High Masquerade”, we thought, as our first act as the Acting Keeper, it’d be best to write this to remind people of the importance of the Masquerade and how best to maintain it. It is in all of our best interests, regardless of Clan or Sect, to uphold this Tradition.

Now, let’s go over the basics:

What is the Masquerade?
Simply put, the Masquerade is the lie we tell the world; “The supernatural does not exist.” Now, the truth is far more nuanced. We of course leave subtle hints in fiction of our true natures, but we also leave blatant falsehoods, all in an effort to obfuscate and make the very idea that Kindred exist an absurdity, but also to muddy the waters for those who vehemently believe we do. If no two sources on Vampires agree wholeheartedly on what they are and how best to deal with them, it gives us the upper hand when dealing with these would-be Hunters, stopping them learning the real truths and becoming an actual threat.

Why the Masquerade?
Kine far out number us, and they have access to something we don’t, daylight hours. Should they find the existence of a society of blood-sucking predators who have been subtly controlling them for centuries objectionable, then it wouldn’t be a question of ‘if’ they wiped us out, but ‘when’.
Your superhuman strength and speed means nothing when an open curtain can mean the end of your existence.

How the Masquerade?
Many Kindred maintain a false Kine identity (or several) which they use to not arouse suspicion for any activities they engage in. (The bank account of a person who has been dead 100 years suddenly making transactions is sure to draw attention). Younger Kindred may get away with maintaining their mortal Mask for some years, however the lack of aging is sure to draw suspicion after a decade or so, and faking of your death may be required.
For those of us unable to hide the truth of their nature, like the Nosferatu, it is advised to stay out of the public eye entirely. Clan Nosferatu have an upperhand in this, being naturally adept at Obfuscation, however with the rise of the ‘Furry’ culture in modern nights, even the most animalistic of Gangrel could pass their appearance off as a (somewhat unusual) aesthetic choice.
It is somewhat of a boon to our kind that modern sensibilities around appearance have changed to allow more individualistic and unusual aesthetics among the Kine.

The danger, however, is the rise of the internet. ANY and ALL evidence of our existence that is left within public view, WILL end up on it, and it is nearly impossible to remove. We have already spoken on this fact, with Kine believing that the marks left by a Kindred with Potence was a secret superhero; or that the unnaturally large paw prints of a transformed Gangrel were the result of the government testing on animals; or that the faces of Obfuscated Nosferatu in the sewers were ghosts.
Conspiracy theories are an invaluable tool, but they only require one knowledgeable enough Hunter to see through them and, before we know it, we have an inquisition upon us.

Should anyone have difficulty or be unsure of how best to maintain the Masquerade, or should you have reports of any breaches, regardless of if they were committed by yourself or another party, you should come see either myself, my sister, or one of our deputies; Travis Moon and Dr Grimm, and we shall deal with it.
Should we have to discover a breach has been committed by ourselves, the punishment for the perpetrators shall be much more severe. We wouldn’t want to have to get the Sheriff or Prince involved, now would we?


Happy Masquerading,
Leo & Claire
Keepers of the Masquerade

Author: Leo Clarke / Claire Voyant