Offering hospitality to visitors for the Yule Ball


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OOC: This’ll be going out via the usual hand-waved means…

Kindred of Glasgow,

As you know, the Harpies of Glasgow will be hosting the Yule Ball on the 7th of December.

I shall of course be offering accommodation to guests – but after years of plague and turmoil, it is likely that a number of kindred will seek to take the opportunity to travel and mingle.

If you would care to also extend your own hospitality to your kin and clan, they will doubtless appreciate the courtesy. I need not remind you that this is an opportunity to demonstrate Glasgow’s welcoming nature, by entertaining them in our domain whilst still maintaining High Masquerade.

The Scourge, I am sure, will also welcome your assistance in facilitating introductions on entry to the domain.

Lady Giuliana Dunsirn
For the Harpies of Glasgow

OoC: Please consider including looking after visitors from your clans as an order point – it may well be fluff in the sense that not all visiting NPCs will be actively portrayed at the next game – but doing so successfully would be a good rationale for you to build clan prestige or sect status 😉

If folks missed the game so didn’t hear it in person, this may also serve as an informal heads-up to your PCs that ‘high masquerade’ is in effect (TLDR: mortal security services are actively interested in Glasgow, keep heads down even more than normal, avoid the Rack, don’t call on influences) in case that affects your orders plans! Leo+Claire have also put up an IC announcement about this…

Author: Giuliana Dunsirn