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 Official Announcements / Posted 2 months ago by Giuliana Dunsirn

Announcements from the leadership of the domain

(OoC: The following is distributed by the usual means about a week after court.)
Our Elysium opening came to a premature end, and closing announcements were not made as anticipated.
Therefore, please be advised of the following:
The efforts of Esteban Korsgaard, as illuminated by Jemima, are awarded to Daniel Rodgers. Daniel, please contact Jemima to arrange how she will use your computer capabilities.
The technical drawings of HMS Terror, by Primogen Sir Charles Douglas, Elder of this domain, are awarded to Heather Jackman, elder of this domain. Jack, please contact Sir Charles to arrange how your knowledge of the domain’s geography will be put to use.
The portrait of Archon Victor, ‘What Hunts in the Dark’, by Nathaira, currently an elder of Istanbul, is awarded to a private bidder of high prestige. I shall put you in contact with one another to arrange payment. It is notable that this bid exceeded a late bid by Archon Victor, whose extraordinary capability to withstand extreme damage could not outbid the display offered for this piece.
Ms Claire Voyant’s ‘Burn That Bridge When We Get To It’ is awarded to Senga, elder and Harpy of Oban. I have made arrangements to put my colleague and Ms Voyant in contact with one another so that Senga may offer her skills with Protean.
The beautiful outfits from the Yule Ball, and associated preparatory sketches, by Deacon, Elder and Harpy of Edinburgh, are awarded to Ms Voyant. Deacon is of course a familiar guest in Glasgow – but should you require a letter of introduction to Edinburgh to offer your insights through the cards, Ms Voyant – I may be persuaded.
‘The Tempest and the Tower’ was hotly contested and required lengthy discussion. In the end, this was awarded to Mr Travis Moon – though the contest was sufficiently close that we have determined that Mr Moon and Ms Amelia Howard should each owe one another a minor boon. Mr Moon: given Ms Howard’s position, please make arrangements through her to offer your skills.
Reproduction of Comedian, by Mr Travis Moon, was awarded to Heather Jackman for her expert demonstration of motorbiking. Jack, I would recommend that you discuss with Mr Moon which of you will be responsible for providing his reinforced clothing prior to scheduling his pillion ride, which is sure to be thrilling.
Jack’s own sculpture went to another private bidder. Please contact me to arrange handover of your payment, Jack.
Lot 9 was withdrawn from the bidding, as discussed. Any further queries regarding this should be addressed to the Primogen.
Bla(n)k Mirror remained within clan Nosferatu and was awarded to Rat Scabies, Seneschal of Carlisle. I will arrange the handover of the item which was paid for this.
That concludes the announcements relating to the auction. Please continue to choose your steps carefully in the dance macabre,
Lady Giuliana Dunsirn
Primogen & Chancellor of Glasgow
(OoC: Re-post from FB. For clarity, in case you were reading through checking for differences: This is an IC repeat of the information I announced OoC at the end of the game, the same people got the things as announced then. We had to announce before leaving the room so that where appropriate people could take props home, but obviously it wasn’t at the forefront of anyone’s minds IC, so I know you’ve been waiting on this, haha)

Author: Giuliana Dunsirn