Sheriff Announcement – Bloodhunt.


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Announcements from the leadership of the domain

The following information is spread to all members of the Domain of Glasgow:


This night brings a most serious matter to address, namely the Bloodhunt of James Russell of Clan Gangrel previously Seneschal of Oban.  As per Princely decree the Bloodhunt called in Oban is upheld in the domain of Glasgow and shall be henceforth enacted at dusk on the 07th September 2023, with the following points to be taken into strict note:


  • No Diablerie is permitted during this hunt upon James Russell, any that perform this action shall be taken into custody where Prince Burton will pass judgement on their crimes.


  • With the Bloodhunt called all members of the domain will be expected to participate, even if this ‘participation’ is to stay out of the way of those performing this age-old tradition of the hunt [OC you will not be forced to fight a Gangrel Elder.]


  • Any who are found aiding or abetting the hunted James Russell shall be taken into custody where Prince Burton will pass judgement on their crimes.


  • Those Kindred whom wish to assist in the hunt though do not wish to do so alone should contact the Sheriff Office [OC put such intentions in your orders and contact the Sheriff or his Hounds IC so all are aware please, thanks.]


  • If the hunted James Russel meets final death during the Bloodhunt the breach of destruction on this matter will be excused under the Tradition of the Bloodhunt called. To reiterate Diablerie will not be excused in the domain of Glasgow.  If the hunted is however captured, by stake or torpor, those responsible will immediately alert the Sheriff Office.


  • If evidence is found the hunted James Russell has left the domain of Glasgow the other domains will be alerted. It is of course up to the one that ruleth those domains if the Bloodhunt is upheld there so do make sure if this happens that the domain they enter is upholding the hunt before pursuit is enacted and of course you also uphold the other Traditions when entering another’s domain.  The current domains known to be upholding the Bloodhunt upon James Russell are: Oban [hunt origin], Glasgow.


As residents of Glasgow you are called upon to act accordingly.  Any questions upon this matter should be directed to this Office or a member of the Primogen.


As always our traditions remain sacrosanct,


Sheriff Douglas.


[OC Any questions just hit me or other suitable folks up and we’ll get you sorted out on this plot.]

Author: Sir Charles Douglas

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