Player Handbook

GVLarp Player Handbook (239 downloads)


Our Player Handbook was put together with direct collaboration with the player base at the time of writing and is a living document which can be changed by raising a motion at either an EGM or the AGM held every January.

Some additional information about the PHB:

No member of the community, including the ST team may change the Handbook either in part or in whole without giving all members of the community a chance to vote on those changes. Only small changes may be made to the PHB for example grammar, punctuation & spelling. Any change that would change the meaning or intent should go through a vote by the community.

All players must abide by the Code of Conduct held within and all members of the community as a whole, including STs where relevant, must abide by the general Code of Conduct under the player section.

For all incoming players, do not feel that you need to memorise or read it all before attending as the STs and players can help guide you on anything you’re missing. Although please do familiarise yourself with our Code of Conduct and the pages relevant to character creation to help you get the full experience of the game and to be aware of the expectations that are in place for all attendees of the game.

Anything not clarified in this book follows the Vtm: V20 rules unless specifically left open to interpretation by White Wolf.

If you feel that a rule requires additional clarification or interpretation please reach out to the current storyteller team.