Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct 

1) General conduct – Out of Character 

1.1) I will respect the other participants of the game, regardless of their age, gender, nationality, race, religious beliefs/creed, physical appearance, or sexual orientation and will not condone disrespecting behaviour in anyone else. 

1.2) I will use appropriate language and tone at all times and will display a composed attitude towards all other participants, even if it’s not reciprocated. 

1.3) I will obey the law and will not bring any real or realistic weapons to the game. I will not condone or promote illegal activities, services, actions, or websites. This includes illegally downloading and distributing copies of game sourcebooks. 

1.4) While out of character, I will demonstrate a fair and sporting attitude at the game event at all times. 

1.5) If any player uses the phrase “X CARD”, in any format, all interaction with them will cease and they will not be asked why. They will be able to leave the scene with no ramifications to their character and all players must respect this 


2) General Conduct – Playing the Game 

2.1) I understand that the storyteller has the final say on any ruling. 

2.2) If I feel that a Storytellers ruling was incorrect or unfair or have an issue with my downtime orders, I will bring this to the attention of the Player Liaison, or to the Storytellers themselves if I feel comfortable doing so. 

2.3) I will not falsify my character sheet or misrepresent my skills to a Storyteller. 

2.4) I will not cheat, deliberately use out-of-character knowledge, “meta game” players out-of-character or exploit the system in order to gain an unfair advantage.  If I do so, I understand that the Storytellers have full authority to inflict in-character or out-of character consequences, such as dock experience points or ask me to leave the game. 

2.5) I understand that I can be banned, refused entry to an event, or otherwise expelled if I am deemed to have broken any part of the Code of Conduct, have been found cheating or meta-gaming, or am a disruptive influence.  

2.6) I will not argue with the storyteller during a scene and recognise that doing so makes intense scenes, such as combat, stressful, time-consuming and frustrating for all involved.  If I feel the need to raise a point or provide helpful information during such a scene, I will politely raise my hand for Storyteller attention or message the Storyteller directly. If the point raised or information supplied is not accepted to my satisfaction, I will wait until the scene is concluded to discuss the issue further. 

2.7) I will aim to have a general understanding of what my character is able to do.  This includes knowing what I can accomplish with my Disciplines and how much out-of-character knowledge I have of the setting I am able to bring in-character.  If I do not have access to a sourcebook I can borrow a copy from the Storyteller team to read at the game.  I can also ask the Storytellers or Player Liaison for assistance, explanations or clarifications. 

2.8) Where it makes sense for my character, I will try to find ways to include others (especially newer players and characters) in my character’s plans. I can barter with them to use their character’s influences to further my goals. I can encourage them to gather information for me. 

2.9) I will help mentor new arrivals and will help them with what can be a steep learning curve. I will answer any questions newer players have about the setting or mechanics and will be mindful of difficult situations such as combat, death, or political defeat that may be hard for newer players to process.   I will not target or segregate anyone because of their game experience, abilities or skill level. 

2.10) I recognise that conflict and arguments may arise between my character and someone else’s and these in-character conflicts should be kept “In Character”.  Great dramas and feuds can be played out and enjoyed by both parties.  After the game, I should discuss the conflict with the other player, make any apologies and remind them and myself that we are still friends; the player should not be punished for character actions. 

2.11) I recognise that this game has adult themes and that I should be prepared to have my personal beliefs, assumptions, principles, and ethics challenged by what happens in the game. I will not judge players based on their character’s beliefs.  

2.12) However, If I feel personally (i.e. out-of-character) upset, harassed, or threatened by another participant’s actions, I will politely tell them to stop, highlight the particular behaviour/language that caused the issue (if appropriate) and leave the room/In-Character area. If I do not feel comfortable speaking to them directly, I will ask a Storyteller or the Player Liaison to assist in mediating the situation.  Conversely, if another participant asks me out-of-character to desist from a particular action then I will immediately do so.  If I feel that I cannot reasonably alter my character’s actions then I will call on a Storyteller or the Player Liaison to assist.  Lastly, if I see a player getting upset then I will call on a Storyteller or the Player Liaison to intervene. 


3) In Person Play 

3.1) I will treat the venue with respect, That includes tidying up after myself, not bringing my own food or drink into the venue and attempting to avoid disconcerting other customers in the venue. 

3.2) In the event that places at a special event (i.e. events outside the regular game) are limited, I recognise that regular attendees of the game will have priority in booking a place. 

3.3) While in the private room where the game takes place, I will aim to be in-character at all times.  Out-of-character discussions should be limited to answering questions from new players, and any communication required to support in-character actions (such as adjudication by the Storytellers, explaining discipline effects, etc.)  I will indicate that out-of-character discussions are taking place by using the “Timeout” hand signal.  If I have a more general out-of-character conversation then I will leave the room to do so. 

3.4) I will do my best to avoid physical contact with another participant without their express permission.  


4) Web and Forum Conduct 

4.1) I will aim to communicate clearly when making posts on the website forum, Facebook group, email or in any other form of online media. My out-of-character posts will be in English, and I will not use “leet”, ascii or text speak. 

4.2) Any threads I post on the forum will be relevant to the game or community and will be posted under the correct section. I will keep existing threads relevant to the original topic. 

4.3) I recognise that administrators and moderators have the right to change, move, edit, or delete any content at any time if they feel it is inappropriate or in violation of these, or associated rules or Codes of Conduct. 

4.4) I will not start or participate in any “flame” threads and will not deliberately entice arguments or disagreements (trolling) and that appropriate actions may be taken against me if I do as defined by the Rules and Regulations.  

4.5) I will not spam boards or threads with irrelevant posts or artificially inflate my forum ranking post scores or post count. 

4.6) I am aware that any promotion of personal or other LARPing websites, community or personal websites is allowed at the discretion of the website administrator or Storytellers and that any such promotion should be pre-approved.  Any user accounts that are deemed to have registered purely to promote such external websites, services or communities will be removed. 

4.7) I will make all reasonable efforts to respect the wishes of other players regarding their desires to be included or excluded from photographs, video, tagging on facebook, etc. 

4.8) I will not exploit any software bugs that may be present in the online character system and will inform the website administrator of any discrepancies I might find. 

4.9) I will not post sexually explicit content, offensive content and any content that I am aware will upset another player.  

4.10) I will be mindful and respectful while participating in voice chats and allow others the opportunity to engage in scenes unless it is specifically relevant to my character not to do so.  

4.11) I will not use my personal social medias to disparage, harass or mistreat any other player or member of the community and I am aware that if I am found to be publicly doing so then I will be treated as though it was posted in a GV forum. 

4.12) I will respect the intellectual property of others by not copying or saving art work without the poster’s permission and with due given credit.  


5) Conduct of the Storytelling Team 

5.1) I, as a Storyteller, will aim to cultivate a welcoming and safe community. 

5.2) I, as a Storyteller, recognise that real-life commitments may mean that players have different levels of engagement with the game and that players or their characters should not be punished for lower engagement levels. 

5.3) I, as a Storyteller, understand that everyone should have equal opportunity for access to my time and attention, regardless of their level of engagement of the game or their personal connection to myself. 

5.4) I, as a Storyteller, will listen to all player feedback provided by the Player Liaison and, while it may not change any decisions I have made, I will take all input seriously. 

5.5) I, as a Storyteller, will attempt to be consistent in all rulings I make and will ensure that the other Storytellers know about my rulings, and the reasons for making them, for future reference. 

5.6) I, as a Storyteller, will communicate all house rules to the players in a format that can be viewed on the webpage.  Unless so specified, players can assume that the rules are as per the V20 Vampire: the Masquerade sourcebook. 

5.7) I, as a Storyteller, will keep the other storytellers informed of plots, character interactions I have witnessed and any other information that might be useful to them. 

5.8) I, as a Storyteller, will aim to process experience awards and spends and downtime orders in a timely manner.  If I am unable to meet a specific deadline then I will inform players of the delay, in advance if possible. 

5.9) I, as a Storyteller, will ensure that all new players have a copy of this Code of Conduct and that they have read and understood it before beginning play. 

5.10) I, as a Storyteller will hand over all information to the best of my ability at the end of my term to ensure continuity of the game. 


6) Conduct of the Player Liaison 

6.1) I, as Player Liaison, will aim to treat players and Storytellers with impartiality. 

6.2) I, as Player Liaison, understand that false reports of inappropriate conduct or harassment are rare and will act on good faith on any report submitted to me. 

6.3) I, as Player Liaison, will not take in-character advantage of any privileged information that is revealed to me as part of my role. 

6.4) I, as Player Liaison, will treat all communication with players and Storytellers as confidential unless otherwise explicitly stated. 

If I, as Player Liaison, am considered to be too close to the issue at hand, for example personally involved with a complainant, I will stand temporarily stand down and a temporary replacement will be requested from the Player Base.  



Complaints and Investigations: 

You can submit a complaint to the Storytellers or through the Player Liaison if you do not feel comfortable going to the STs.  

Complaints will be responded to within 30 days of being reported and if you are comfortable with it, a chat will be arranged in order to discuss the complaint and get a fuller picture.  

While there is the option to submit complaints anonymously through the Player Liaison, it would be appreciated if players were open to a mediated discussion between the players involved to help clarify any potential misunderstandings.  

Investigations will take the following format: 

All involved parties will have a discussion with the ST team that will be recorded (with due consent). 

Once discussions have concluded the ST team will contact the complainant to see if a compromise can be reached based on the information provided and a decision will be made based on this discussion. The PL will help to mediate by advocating for the player.  

If the player is unsatisfied with the results, they may request a Player Panel to be held to further discuss the issue. This will involve 5 players being selected at random who will be given access to all of the information with names removed with a month to come to a decision by vote. The decision that they make will be final.  

Any issues that take longer than 6 months to resolve will automatically be sent to a Player Panel.  

Removed posts from the website or forums related to GVLarp will be recorded with a copy of the information being kept by the STs. 

Any behaviours that break the law will instantly be referred to the police.  


Warnings if received will be made public knowledge with player anonymity upheld. Consequences as decided by the ST such as temporary removal from court or removal of XP will be put in place. 


This step will only have been taken after a full investigation by the ST team which will have been reviewed and ratified by a Player Panel.  

The length of the ban will be announced at the time of banning and be dependent on the severity of the issue at hand.