Hand Signals

Hand signals are used to indicate the use of certain actions, including the use of Disciplines, that don’t require a Storyteller. The following are a list of the commonly used signals and their meanings.


By crossing your hands into a T shape, you indicate that you are “out of character” and therefore cannot be interacted with “in character” at all.      





You can’t see me

This sign is used when your character is physically present but cannot be seen by normal means.  The number fingers held up indicates the level of Auspex required by another kindred to be able to see you.

Used primarily with Obfuscate levels 1, 2, 4 and 5.    




I’m somewhere else

This sign is used when your character is not physically present but is still able to sense what is going on in that location.

Used most commonly with Auspex – Heightened Senses, but can also be used with Protean – Mist Form and Auspex – Astral Projection.    



Speaking other languages

This sign is used to indicate that your character is speaking a language other than English.