Dark Times

Dark Times is a monthly in-character newsletter which is available at each Court and contains stories from both the mortal and vampire worlds.

Download the latest editions below:

Download the latest editions of the Anarch Newsletter below:

  • Anarch Newsletter - Feb 2019 (483.12 KB)

    Welcome to your monthly edition of the Anarch Times. This month we’re going to be focusing on the issue of the moment – decluttering!

  • Anarch Newsletter - Dec 2018 (626.19 KB)

    Anarch Publications seek to teach the Camarilla more about its society and history through the medium of snappy dance routines and a catchy tune. Featuring songs you'll love and characters you won't forget, enjoy some extracts from the song book as we ask "do you hear the people sing?"

  • Anarch Newsletter - Oct 2018 (664.17 KB)

    Did you know that when the Camarilla was founded less than 5% of the population could read or write. No wonder so many Camarilla elders struggle with complex modern ideas like " rule of law" and "constitution". To help them cope with the development of political theory despite low literacy rates amongst the Camarilla's movers and shakers, Anarch Publications are going back to the beginning with a simple explanation of the document that started it all - Magna Carta. With added adorable kittens because the internet has taught us that everyone loves kittens

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