Glasgow – a city constantly in turmoil, both for humans and for Kindred. It’s dirty and crime-ridden. Danger… and opportunity… hide around every corner. Some Kindred call it a dead-end for rejects and misfits but with skill and drive there is also power to be gained. Instability provides chances that will never appear in the hide-bound Camarilla cities in Europe or southern England.

Feeding Grounds

Click on the areas to display which feeding area belongs to who. These Maps are not updated as often as we would like so please ask an ST if you want to know something specific. 

Red = Personal Feeding Grounds and Domains
Purple = Clan / Group Feeding Grounds and Domains
Blue = Court Officials Feeding Grounds – THESE WERE DISBANDED BY PRINCE MAGNUS IN AUG 2023
Black = The Rack (off limits due to prevalence of cameras in the city centre)

Domain Map

The Princes of Glasgow

Reign Start Prince Clan Reign Duration Notes on their fall from power
May-23 Magnus Burton Tremere Current
Apr-21 Esteban Korsgaard Brujah 2 years Staked after frenzying in an Elysium, killing staff and damaging the building.
Feb-20 Alexander Barker Ventrue 1 year Removed from Glasgow by his clan
Jan-20 Teresa Lasombra Anti-tribu 1 month Stepped in to provide leadership during transition
Jul-19 Primrose Thassalo Tremere 6 months Stepped down to concentrate on her domain of Valencia
Sep-18 Francis Doyle Brujah 9 months Killed by Primrose Thassalo
Apr-18 Levi Tius Tremere 5 months Faked his own death at the hands of the Sabbat
Nov-17 Antoinette de Savigny d’Anglure Ravnos 5 months Killed by Levi Tius in a coup
Nov-16 Ricky Brown Nosferatu 1 year Stood down at the conclave to protect the Camarilla from war
Apr-16 Amadeus “Adam” Edelstein Toreador 7 months Stepped down to become Archon to Justicar Guile
Jan-16 Angus McDonald Gangrel 3 months Sent to Spain to die after breaking the Masquerade
Mar-14 Simon Haile Toreador 2 years Stepped down after owing Angus McDonald a life boon
Apr-13 Augustus Trenchard Ventrue 1 year Taken on as an Archon
Mar-13 Jonathan Carter Brujah 1 month Stood down to concentrate on domain of Manchester
Early 2011 Viscount Charles Augustus Aldworth Ventrue 2 years Killed by Prince Carter of Manchester after Viscount Aldworth claimed praxis over Manchester
Dec-08 Hercule Bastian Rothschilde Tremere 2 years Stood down to work on personal research
Dec-07 Viscount Charles Augustus Aldworth Ventrue 1 year Torpored in a failed coup by the Brujah Sheriff, Magnar
Mid 2002 Bartolome Murillo Lasombra Anti-tribu 5 years Killed in a very messy coup
May-01 Michael Thompson Ventrue 1 year Killed in a coup
Oct-00 Joshua Brujah 7 months Unrecorded
Oct-99 Anneliese Constantine Ventrue 1 year Killed in a coup by her Primogen council
Unrecorded Donald Unrecorded Unrecorded (NPC Prince) Promoted by the Camarilla