Domain Residents

Status List

The below residents of Glasgow are recognised outside the city to have status and prestige within the Camarilla. Please note that you do not know this list in character knowledge unless you submit orders or communicate with someone IC who knows of it. The Prince and the holder of the Harpy book are assumed to have this knowledge to hand in character, no others. 

5Magnus BurtonTremere
5Sir Charles Douglas Undeclared
4Giuliana DunsirnGiovanni AntitribuShe/Her/The Dunsirn
3Heather 'Jack' JackmanBrujahShe/Her
3Kenzie AlexanderGangrelshe/her
3Mary GrahamToreador
3Raphael Ortega KVentrue
3Zev Ben-ZionAssamite Warrior
2Amelia 'Millie' HowardToreadorShe/ her
2Atticus ClarkTremerehe/him/his
2Calvin Pope Ventrue
2Daniel RodgersNosferatu
2Desmond Alexander VentrueHe/Him
2Icarus VentrueHe/him
2Leo ClarkeDemented MalkavianThey/them
2Theodore HarrisonVentrueHe/Him
1Bill GodwinBrujahHe/Him
1Christopher NapierToreadorHe/Him
1Darach Ó FionnachtaDemented MalkavianHe/Him
1Dr. Theodore TremaineTremereHe/Him
1Draven SouthseaLasombraHe/Him
1Eoin CarringtonVentruehe/him
1Fearghas DunsirnGiovanni AntitribuHe/ him
1Grant HarrisBrujahHe/Him
1Greg IrvingDemented MalkavianHe / Him.
1James Murray GangrelHe/Him
1Juliet SamsonMalkavianShe/her
1Konnor HudsonGangrelHe/They
1Malcolm CampbellToreadorHe/ Him
1Melinda TerranceGangrelShe/Her or They/Them
1Sabastian GreeneDemented MalkavianHe/him
1Sister BlackNosferatu
1Sydnee WhiteGangrelShe/her
1SylasAssamite SorcererHe/Him
1Travis MoonDemented MalkavianHe/Him
1Valentino De LucaRavnosHe/They
1Walter FergusonNosferatuHe/Him
0Miguel HernándezToreadorHe/They


Here is a list of kindred with Status amongst the Anarchs and their current known location. The same as above applies. No PC other than the highest ranking anarch, the Prince of Glasgow (for anarchs resident in Glasgow) and potentially the Harpy may have this list to hand in character. Please submit an order action to find this information IC. 

5Peter FraserBrujahUlster
3Bill GodwinBrujahGlasgow
3James Murray GangrelGlasgow
3Sofia DanilovBrujahLiverpool