House Rules

Character Generation


The lowest generation you can get at character generation is 8th Generation. If you reach 6th Generation or below in gameplay your character will become an NPC. 

Age Roll

This is available to all players but is only recommended to long term players who have the in game knowledge of the GV canon to back up the characters age. The idea of this is to make all characters a bit different as they can be more rounded or have more focuses and so aren’t all the same, thus the older/established players don’t always overpower them.

0-3, age 3

4-10 age 2

11-25 age 1.

Each point of Age gave 25 XP. Minus 1 dot of path, and one dot of enemy. So in GV terms that’s 10 points of humanity and gain an enemy or 1 dot of enemy for each of the 3 possible levels

It’s a d100 roll the ST does and we give you the result.

This allows you to flesh out the Character. It’s spent at XP rate not freebie point rate at Character Generation. 

Downtime Orders

Each player gets 6 orders points per month.


max X 6 should all be named/identified and simple tasks can be defined for them. They can all be submitted in a single order point. More than 6 causes blood pool issues that may affect your blood reserves.


You may complete up to 4 training related asks in a single order point provided that they are all 3 dots or less. This can be giving or receiving training for Attributes, Abilities, Backgrounds, Other Traits.

Disciplines & 4 dot learning & higher. This is all mastery learning for your character & as such you need to submit it as a separate order with understanding of how you are going about it, the specialization you are taking & who or how you training is being applied.

I.E. I am learning Melee level 4 with Specialization berserker. I am training with Player Character X spending time each week doing intense training.

It takes 2 months to learn the Melee 4 berserker due to the level & specialization, you can master crazy fighting to be effective.

You can only learn one out of clan discipline dot per month.

You gain one level of blood bond for every out of clan discipline dot learned.

Lores & Secret knowledge

These require a trainer/teacher method for every level of learning. So Sabbat lore would need a trainer/teacher method at every level. As would a clan lore that isn’t your own clan etc.

Dice Pool/ Trackers

you do not need to give us the total dice pool with your order point but you do need to provide the dot numbers as this allows the STs a much easier time when dealing with orders

Dice Rolls – How we calculate dice rolls is changing as per the vote at the EGM 2022: we are using the V20 system only. 

Attribute + Ability + bonuses + Discipline – flaws


Attribute + Background + bonuses + Discipline –flaws

Backgrounds do not stack it’s the most appropriate background from those you have for the task at hand. Backgrounds do NOT stack. This makes your total dice pool between 3 and maybe 15-20 as an estimate.

This is a change as you roll to use the background or to use an ability. Disciplines can either give a general boost to what you are doing, or you can state you are using a specific power from those available to you.


You automatically regain one willpower point per month. This can be further enhanced through orders or character actions in linears.



Level 1 blood bond: At this level, your thoughts over the month linger on your regnant. If you don’t spend an orders point dedicated to them, then you will need to pass a willpower check at difficulty 6 each month, or you lose one of your order points (chosen at random). Examples of actions your character might take are doing something to help them, dreaming about them, stalk them, or just spending hours working out the perfect outfit the next time you see them.

Level 2 blood bond: At least 3 orders points must be dedicated to aiding or following your regnant or resisting the overwhelming urge to do so. 

Level 3 blood bond: At least 5 order points must be dedicated to your regnant. 

Blood Bond Degeneration

Level 1 and 2 blood bonds degenerate at the rate of one step every three months without vitae. Level 3 bonds will require outside help to break often, with dire consequences that will put your character in danger. 

The degeneration begins when you go a full three months without drinking more vitae (except for level 3). If you do drink an addition blood point, you go up to the next level with all the downsides.

For example:

  • You get a 1 point blood bond
  • After 2 months you drink again, raising you to a 2 point bond
  • 3 months later (5 months total) you drop to a level 1 bond
  • And 3 months after that (8 months total) you’d finally be free




Vicissitude 2 or higher may be used to heal bashing damage taken by mortals. Vicissitude 3 or higher allows you to heal lethal taken by mortals. Healing supernaturals requires combo disciplines (eg. Sculpt the Flowing wound) or specific diciplines/rituals. Supernatural powers can only ever heal a wound once (ie you can’t take two rolls on two turns to try and heal the same knife wound)

Koldonic Sorcery

Way of Spirit – Clarification

Way of Spirit allows you to see & talk to the spirits of the Land &/or animals. Everything has a spirit.

WP roll = to the difficulty to activate, So level of power +3 I.e activate level 1 is Diff 4 up to Level 5 Diff 8. a WP point can still be spent. If the vampire only rolls a max of 5 for any success they can only see up to the 2 dot limit. A botch is still possible.




If all your extended backgrounds are filled in. You receive 1 additional XP for having them all filled in. This is a one off reward.

In General all extended backgrounds should be filed in, if not then if they need used & we realize they are not filled in they will be considered 1 DOT lower than they have on your character sheet.


Due to domain being an assigned thing in the game the background ‘Haven’ covers a single property. The allows a character to control a property with buying or renting a property. The Haven covers upto the property boundry. This background MUST be filled in under the extended backgrounds on your online character sheet at Backgrounds – GVLARP

Path Changes

As GVLARP runs a 1-100 level for the path not 1-10 changes are more subtle and also take longer.

There should always be an IC reason for the path change & it needs to match the hierarchy of sins for the path as well have been something they are working on long term.

Select the most suitable from the characters Virtues:- Conscience, Courage, Self Control, Conviction, Instinct. A character will only have 3 of these.

For each dot in the Virtue selected roll 2 D10 (a maximum of 10 D10. For each success rolled with a difficulty of the next full unit of tens higher (EG 48 difficulty here is 5 and 72 difficulty here is 8) 1’s do not detract from the total number of successes. Each success is another point(unit) gained on the journey out of 100 (So 4 successes takes a 72 to 76, its not automatic that you will gain a full ‘tens’level.

It’s the same mechanic for dropping path though this will be down to Story progression for the ST to do, as mentioned in the VtM V20 info dropping of path should be rare and for a big deal. 

A story reason is needed for both an increase and decrease in a character path. This is merely the mechanics of how it would work if this has been achieved or caused through role play and in game actions. 



Changing Flaws & Backgrounds from creation 

This relates to those that granted the character points at creation. If they are to be changed it must be with appropriate role play over an extended period of time. Also, with approval of the STs. These Merits/Flaws should be replaced with others to an equivalent value – ideally related to the Character history etc. You do not need to spend XP to change these.

Example: Flaw: New Arrival (Level-1) To buy off this flaw its almost something that happens naturally once you are accepted etc.

Example: Rising Star (Level +3) you have been in court for a long time and as such this is no longer relevant to the character.