Footsteps behind me…

Footsteps behind me. Echoing along the alleyway. Soft shoes; this man knows what he is doing. The sounds wouldn’t be audible to a human. The brush of a gloved hand on the brick wall as I turn the corner. I knew he couldn’t resist me, isolated and alone. I let myself stumble, just enough to draw him on. I want him to believe I am weak.

I look around now, afraid. I know someone is behind me and my breathing speeds – although I have no need of the oxygen. I feel a touch of exhilaration at being hunted, a glimmer of the humanity I have left behind long ago. If my heart still beat, it would be racing. Instead, I focus on the heart of my pursuer as he draws closer, I hear it quicken as he surveys his helpless prey.

Now, my trap is sprung. He is within my grasp. I turn, my fangs bared. It will be the work of a moment to pull him in for a Kiss which will rob him of his life, and give back so much more. Time to make myself one more childe. I praise myself that he will be caught unawares like so many before. It is important to always be one step ahead.

But wait. This human is smiling. I pause, startled. Something is not right here. My instincts scream at me. I tense to flee. Too late! Arms like vices close around me from behind, turning me to face my assailant. I struggle as never before, until our eyes meet. Her will strikes me like a hammer blow, and I fall helplessly still.

~ ~ ~ ~

My legs are trembling, heart in my throat. Not an uncommon feeling since I was inducted into a world where vampires are real! And now my patron stands before me, the woman who has taught me the dangers and delights of this new world. If I can still call her a woman that is. She holds my would-be attacker in one hand, idly as a rag doll. Her voice still mesmerises me, full of promise and peril as she addresses me.

“The gall of this one. Siring without permission is one thing, but to do so in my feeding grounds? You did well, as we planned. But you almost gave her the warning she needed to get away. What have I told you about masking your emotions?

“Remember – it is important to always be two steps ahead…”

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