Have you noticed…?

Have you noticed that people in cities never look up? You get trained out of it. Look out for the dog shit on the pavement. Don’t make eye contact. Keep your head down and no one will get hurt. And that’s why I’m sitting on the roof of a warehouse in Clydesmill Industrial Estate in Easterhouse. There is a guy parked about 100 meters away in a silver Ford Focus, 2008 Zetec (alloys-as-standard). He’s been there for half an hour… he probably thinks I’m here for some drug deal or pay off and he’s waiting to follow me out.

Half an hour is a long time… more than enough to sharpen my sight to get a good look at his licence plate and make a call to a friend on the police force. The car is registered to a private investigator operating out of the West End. Not that I’m surprised. The tracking bug I found on my bike said I was dealing with a professional, albeit a professional who didn’t think his target would recognise the XH7000 series with the broadcast range of less than 300m.

So this was me setting my own little trap. I’ve brought him out to the middle of nowhere and now it’s time to jump down and have a word. I’ve got an 18-inch blade that says he’ll be only too happy to answer my questions…

Author: Website Admin