White Rabbit

Yo, whats up?
You gonna listen?
Hell I’m gonna make you listen!
But why don’t ya tell me,
What’s the flavour of that ass you’re kissin?

Now I ain’t dissin, nah!
See there’s context missin,
You’re livin the dream,
Just part of the machine.
You keep lickin it squeaky clean!

Yeah, you’re standing in line,
Just clocking in your time,
Keep doing what they say,
Til they betray you one day!
You’re just gonna go away!

Yo, so ya wanna take the blue?
Or do ya wanna take the red?
Yeah, only ones gonna clear your head!
The choice is yours,
All I do is open the doors.

I can open your eyes,
From their blanket of lies!
You can escape from the throne,
But out there you’re on your own!
Better keep whatever you get thrown!

By Esteban Korsgaard,

Author: Website Admin