I see your shade of the past,
Without conscience it defiles this
Holy harbour I have wrought

What must I do,
To put your  spiteful shade to rest?
Open my veins to your serpents tongue?

Do I cast a heavy hand?
Rule with deaths scythe?
Reaping the harvest of souls in your wake?

Your shade fled the wrath of justice,
Through the Stygian fields I followed,
To where beggars mourn the seraphs dance

The blood from the wound you have caused,
Has stained the Empyrean fields,
Giving birth to a twilight Cathedral

Oh Bride of the Netherworld,
Reveal your face to me,
For I sail on the seas of darkness to deliverance

Through Serpents and Fiends,
This Chimera of flesh you have crafted,
Stands in the veil with venomous intent

The blue silk of your hallowed blood,
Casts waves like the ocean through the sky,
An ancient stairway to the glittering stars

By Esteban Korsgaard

Author: Website Admin